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"I wear them all the time! I love them."

Pascale F, Paris


The crossover white espadrille is THE ultimate Summer sandals. Combining comfort and style, these on-the-go espadrilles will become your everyday essentials.


  • Effortless chic with their minimalist yet feminine design, easy to slip on and off
  • Very comfortable and a perfect fitting to hold your feet
  • A leather insole on the natural fiber sole for comfort
  • A precious and conscious leather from a French tannery certified Leather Working Group
  • An interior leather lining and insole in vegetable tanned leather, chemical free
  • Stain-resistant and water repellent leather
  • 30 day warranty on the seams



Please use our pedimeter to define your size.
You'll be surprise how tight they fit at first. However, we advise you to order your usual size. If you're half size, please order the next size up.

After a few wears, you'll break them in and they'll be the most comfy shoes you've ever had!




I wanted to create an espadrille that you would wear all Summer, for years, that would make you feel good and beautiful.

Create an espadrille for those of you who want to combine comfort and style.

This was quite a challenge. Many months of hard work, three prototypes were needed. And hours of debate with Jean-Pierre, our 80-year-old commanding officer of the workshop. 

What I didn't want

– 1 –

Create a style that you see everywhere, that is not flattering

– 2 –

Uncomfortable shoes

Very often, the jute sole hurt the feet

– 3 –

Poor quality materials

– 4 –

An espadrille that would last only a season

Not to mention this...

Intérieur espadrilles mauvaise qualité
Inside a poor quality espadrille: a cheap foam sole


Based on these observations, I searched for the last French artisans with precious know-how inherited from the past.

Together, we broke down every parts to create an espadrille that would have all the attributes of the finest shoes.

I selected the most precious materials in France, in particular a bright white waterproof leather.

A style that is flattering for all feet and that makes the espadrille very comfortable. And thanks to its minimalist lines, you'll be able to wear them with all your wardrobe !

Here is what you thought about it:


A bold color, refined lines 


Leather liner and insole, breathable shoe


Handmade in our workshop in France, natural materials only


A thicker sole with a heel pad, a waterproof leather, a timeless quality sewing


Easy-going, hold firmly the feet


A minimal aesthetic


An espadrille with a chic, elegant and timeless design that embraces high quality materials.

Our espadrilles are made with beautiful materials to allow you to wear them on vacation or in the city.

A standout color


White shoes, really?? And yet, these have been our best sellers for 2 years.

Maybe because our customers get a lot of compliments thanks to them!


A precious and soft leather

I had a huge crush on this stunning leather from the south of France. It comes from a tannery that works with the most luxurious brands.

I searched for a full grain leather, the part that is the most robust and noble with the largest density of collagen fibers.

And I'm happy to notice that velvety & delicate touch brings sparkles into your eyes everytime you try them on!

A durable and sustainable leather

Vegetable oils are used on the leather to make it stain-resistant and waterproof

My white espadrilles surprisingly survived when I spilled my Spritz cocktail on them!

Lastly, our tannery is certified by Leather Working Group, verifying the leather is tanned in compliance with sustainable practices.

A robust sole

The main reason why we get rid of espadrilles is because the sole is too worn-out.

So we found the solution: our soles are made with twice the number of threads that are usually needed to make it more durable.

And we even added a heel pad in natural rubber. 

Five-star comfort


No irritations, better breathability thanks to a leather insole that you usually find in your stilettos.

These sandals were designed with two straps large enough to hold your feet.

Because your health matters to us

The leather of the insole and liner is in direct contact with your skin and contains zero chemicals. It is a leather tanned exclusively with plants (extracts of quebracho, mimosa, chestnut). 

It means no risks of allergies or other skin problems.


An espadrille that is durable is all about the knowledge needed at each stage of the making process. This precious know-how, I found it here, in the southwest region of France.

It's in Mauléon, the cradle of espadrilles, where you will meet the last artisans.

Our workshop is a family-owned business founded by Jean-Pierre and given to his children. The workshop has atrue know-how since 1977 that Jean-Pierre is passing down to me.

From cutting the leather to the saddle stitching sewing (it's a solid stitching method commonly used in leatherwork), all the steps are made and guided by the gifted hands of the artisans.


If you have your usual size.

You'll be surprise how tight they fit at first. But after a few wears, you'll break them in and they'll be the most comfy shoes you've ever had!

Tip: you need to wear them a couple of times so that the front of the espadrilles opens up and your feet are not pushed back anymore. You can also point your toes towards the ground just like a ballerina to make the leather stretch even more. 

If you're half size or if you have wide feet, I advise you to order the next size up.

Our leather as been treated with natural oils to make it waterproof and stain resistant.

In case of a vinaigrette accident, the stain would remain on the surface. You'll just need to use a crepe brush to make it disappear. You may find one by clicking here.

The use of leather by sustainable brand is controversial.

I know that for many people, the question of animal suffering is the most important one.

I respect the values of everyone but I'd like to explain why we use leather

Shoe is the item that is the most challenged. After a few years of experience, the material that appeared to be the most robust was leather. Unfortunately, I'm sure many of you experienced having a hole in the front of your espadrille made of canvas after one season (the big toe usually tears the fabric).

Leather is solid enough to be worn often, is waterproof, breathable, absorbs humidity and odours while being comfortable.

Sourcing leather is crucial. We only work with French tanneries and one Italian family-owned tannery for the gold leather.The one that provides the upper leather is a member of the Leather Working Group. This label guaranties that the leather is tanned in compliance with sustainable practices. 

The other tannery that provides us with the leather liner and insole only uses plants and trees, to tan the leather (extracts of quebracho, mimosa, chestnut).

Our white espadrilles are made in one of the last family-owned workshop in the south west of France., in the Basque Country region.

Three generations of artisans work together and are passing down to me their exceptional know-how. 

it is hard to answer this question since a lot things impact the wear of your espadrilles.

It depends of the frequency you wear them, how you walk, your feet morphology...

But one thing that is sure is that we broke down every parts to select the best materials and making processes.

An espadrille well made with high quality materials can be worn several seasons without any doubts!

I still wear the prototypes of 2017!

As we want you to be completely satisfied with your espadrilles, we will accept your return of product in new and unused condition within 14 days for a refund in the original form of payment.

To ship your item(s) back to Atelier Aliénor, please follow the steps:

- Send us an email at and let us know why you’d like to return your order.

- Put the shoes in new and unused condition into their original box.

All steps are detailed here.

And if you have any additional questions, just send me an email at

You don't need to go anywhere to return your order. Just contact DHL to schedule a pick up... And simply give your parcel to the delivery man or leave it in your mailbox.

That's it!


We learned everything by ourselves since the beginning. We know we're not perfect but we work hard to create beautiful and durable espadrilles. And here is how we'd like to prove it:

The seams of all of our espadrilles are covered by a 30 day warranty.

You'll be able to ship us back the shoes and choose whether you prefer a repair, an exchange or a repair.

We'd like to take care of our espadrilles all their life.After 30 days, we offer free repairs of the seams for life.You'll need to pay for shipping.

Warranty & Free Repairs


The seams of all of our espadrilles are covered by a 30 day warranty. After 30 days, we offer free repairs of the seams for life.

That’s how much we take care of our customers and our creations.



Domestic and UE orders are shipped via Colissimo. Shipping for one pair will cost €8 for France and €12 for EU countries.

International orders are shipped via DHL and shipping takes about 3 to 5 business days.

We will pay for half of the price of international shipping. Shipping for one pair is $40.

If you live in the US, no customs will apply for orders below $800 🙂


You don't need to go anywhere to return your orderJust contact us to schedule a pick up... And simply give your parcel to the delivery man or leave it in your mailbox.

The return shipping fee will automatically be deducted from your refund. It will be the same amount you paid for shipping at checkout ($55 for international shipping).

If you'd like to exchange your espadrilles, please return your pair and place a new order.

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