The story of Atelier Aliénor is closely linked to mine.

I grew up in the south of France where espadrille is so much more than a summer shoe.

It embodies the attachment to simple and real things, the art of loving life and cherishing time.

So we took the time to create, the time to do well. And the time to learn…

Today, I’m taking one step closer to my dream and becoming an artisan. Our family-owned workshop is passing on to me its exceptional know-how.

I will now participate in the crafting of our beautiful espadrilles.

I wish you a lovely discovery,

“More than a Summer shoe…”

Atelier Aliénor is a French maison that offers espadrilles for women since 2016. Above all, it is a creative adventure driven by a dream: create an espadrille that would have all the attributes of the finest shoe.

To achieve this, we sought out exceptional know-how in the historic cradle of espadrilles, in the heart of the south of France. We gently jostled our craftsmen to convince them to go further.

And if we were committed to offering an espadrille with the finest quality, we knew choosing the right materials would be essential. That’s why we convinced the best manufactures in France to trust us

Espadrilles are often criticized for not being long lasting, not comfortable, or being unflattering. We invite you to discover our creations.

Your vision of espadrille will be forever changed.


“As a little girl, I was passionate about ballet. I can see myself in my impeccable tights and leotard, looking with admiration at the young ballerinas putting on their pointes and delicately interlacing the satin ribbons around their ankles. From this memory were born our lace up sandals.

It is said that some children never grow up. That little girl is still here. Even as an adult, I am moved by little things like a sun ray or a snowflake. It is the very essence of my creation.”

Laurie, founder